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ISO  14001 Consultant

We are Registrar Auditors, Internal Auditors and System Builders for Environmental Management Systems

We Know ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

Together, our team has more than 30 years of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001) environmental, health and safety management system experience.  We guide our clients through the certification process, conduct internal audits and provide support during registrar audits.  Getting our clients through the process as seamlessly as possible is our number one priority. 

We Are Internal Auditors


We respond quickly to your critical business needs to help you achieve your objective of obtaining management system certifications.  Most environmental, health and safety consulting companies do not also have the quality management systems training and experience to allow them to do integrated HSEQ internal audits.  For one project, we put the right people in place within a week to support them during their critical start-up phase, conducting their first internal audit and providing the auditing checklist for their system.

We Are Legal Register Pros


When you need help understanding the U.S. and Canadian regulatory cultures and how to manage them to achieve ISO compliance, our team is ready to respond.  We include not only national and state requirements, but also county and local municipality requirements.  We address the applicable legal requirements, as well as the non-applicability determinations.  Our team systematically documents the rationale for decisions so that you can easily understand how and why the determinations were made.


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“The KLLC team helped us through our first ISO 14001 certification audit, then our OHSAS 18001 audit, and then they helped us to merge and streamline everything into a single EHS management system.  We have received compliments from the registrar auditors on several of the programs they developed.”

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"Your auditors are more like coaches.  They identified issues we had walked past every day.  With your help, we now have a plan in place to make sure we don't have those issues, our personnel are more knowledgeable, and we are better able to stay in compliance."

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“For internal auditing, system improvement, and legal register development, contact Joyce at Kristiansson LLC.  We’ve seen her work and recommend her to our clients that are in the early stages of program development, and also those who are having a hard time meeting the objectivity and impartiality requirements of the internal audit program clause.”

We Are System Builders

We have built numerous EHS management systems. We develop compliance plans and reports, including Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans, Hazardous Chemical Inventories, SARA Tier II reports, Vessel General Permit Compliance documentation, and stormwater consultations.  We continue to provide internal management system audit and compliance evaluations, trend data on findings, and provide monthly regulation updates for federal and state requirements so that you can maintain your system.

We know that building an EMS from scratch can be a challenge. Use our EMS Template, checklists and forms (in our ISO Help Store) to document the aspects unique to your operations so you can get to certification faster - and get back to business.

We Are Registrar Auditors


During 2018 and 2019, we conducted 20 certification audits for an accredited certifying body for various manufacturing operations in Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Texas.

We Are Only A Call Away


Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to find out if our EMS Template is right for you. To book your call, click on ISO Help Consultation. This short call is all that’s needed to help us get started in guiding you through the  ISO 14001 certification process.       


For more information on how our team has helped other organizations just like yours build their EMS and improve their environmental performance, e-mail us to request a copy of our Statement of Qualifications.

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