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EHS Consulting

Environmental, Health and Safety Consultants

Our Capabilities

Kristiansson LLC focuses on building solutions for management systems and compliance with our clients.  Our team is built around the experience of owner and CEO Joyce Kristiansson in EHS management systems, compliance, and audits.  While we are built around these three core services, we have also built a global network of consultant partners.  The network gives us the flexibility to provide local services virtually anywhere in the world.


The Path to Success

Our team includes professional EHS auditors, including a certified registrar auditor.  Together, we have more than 30 years of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001) environmental, health and safety management system experience.  We guide our clients through the certification process and provide support during registrar audits.  Getting our clients through the process as seamlessly as possible is our number one priority.




A Comprehensive Approach

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client to achieve and maintain compliance.  We view compliance through a management systems lens – it’s a multi-step and evergreen process that must provide measurable results.  To that end, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop a fit-for-purpose solution.  Kristiansson LLC has supported our clients’ compliance journeys, whether that has meant supplementing their own team with energetic and qualified additional resources or helping them put in place a strategic plan for EHS performance improvement.

We advise on waste management, water quality, air quality, spill prevention and response, and hazardous chemicals issues, for example:

  • Waste Minimization Plans

  • Pollution Prevention Plans

  • RCRA Contingency Plans

  • Large Quantity Generator (LQG) Programs

  • Stormwater Permit Notices of Intent (NOI)

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Wastewater Discharge Permits (NPDES)

  • Vessel General Permits (VGP)

  • RCRA Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) Permits

  • Hazardous Chemical Inventories

  • SARA Tier II Reporting

  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

  • OSHA Emergency Action Plans (EAP)


The Advantage of Experience

We develop compliance and management system audit programs to meet each client's specific goals and needs.  We conduct both the internal audits and the compliance evaluations required under the ISO standards.  We also conduct fit-for-purpose compliance audits to support compliance assurance for our clients, trending the data over time to help prioritize EHS goals and objectives.

We conduct EHS Due Diligence and Environmental Site Assessments for real estate transfers and oversee Environmental Impact Assessments for offshore and onshore clients.


Access to the Best Global Resources

Kristiansson LLC has built a global network of highly qualified professionals to enhance our internal team’s capabilities.  Through this network, we can seamlessly provide services in virtually any location in the world.  The network not only saves our clients unnecessary travel costs but also allows us to provide local regulatory insights when needed.   Unlike bigger companies who are burdened by having to use their own internal resources, Kristiansson LLC is free to hand-select from hundreds of partners to utilize the best ones for our clients’ individual project needs every time.  Unless our clients request to be involved in the process, we handle the selection, contracting, scheduling, and oversight; it is a completely seamless process from our clients’ perspectives.

For more information on how our team has helped other organizations just like yours improve their environmental performance, e-mail us to request a copy of our Statement of Qualifications.

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