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EHS Internal Audits

We Want to Be Your ISO 14001 Internal Auditor


Let Our Team Take Away the Pain of Internal Audits

Internal audits have special requirements under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard.


Not just anyone can conduct the internal audit, which compares the EMS (and the policies, processes, plans, and procedures created to meet regulatory and ISO 14001 requirements) to the specific elements of the ISO 14001 standard.

The internal auditors must be trained to perform the internal audit function, and they must be impartial and objective. In other words, they cannot audit their own processes or functions; plans and procedures they have responsibility for; or that they have had a hand in creating.

This typically means that personnel outside the EHS or HSEQ team must conduct the internal audit function.

In smaller organizations typically there isn't enough staff to cover internal auditing and all the day-to-day operational requirements that are part of running a business. Or the organization may have the staff, but they may not have time to train the individuals sufficiently to do effective internal audits. Or let's face it, staff outside the EHS or HSEQ team may not have an interest in performing the role of an internal auditor.

Internal audits can be one of the most effective tools in your EMS to prepare your organization for certification and surveillance audits. If your internal audits have no findings audit after audit, you have to question whether your internal audit program is effective. After all, all systems can be improved.

Consider Outsourcing Your Internal Audits

Our team of internal auditors is the best option when:


  • You don't have enough staff to conduct internal audits

  • You aren't sure you can meet the objectivity and impartiality requirements

  • You don't have the time to train staff to conduct internal audits

  • You need to move quickly to get the internal audits done to get certified

  • You have audit after audit with no findings

Get the Benefits that Come with Experienced Internal Auditors

When our team of experienced environmental professionals conducts internal audits, our clients get much more than "just" an audit.

  • We act as coaches to educate and inform

  • We provide helpful tips based on our audit experience

  • We help navigate the certifying body audit process

  • We provide the blank internal audit checklist form, which is yours to keep

  • We identify problem areas that may need attention before the certification audit

  • We move quickly, and we provide a draft report on the final day of the audit

  • We can perform the evaluation of compliance audit at the same time as the internal audit

  • We provide a resume for each auditor, documenting proficiency with ISO 14001 (this is needed for your certification audit)

  • We perform integrated audits so that for smaller companies only one auditor may be required for HSEQ integrated systems

  • We provide findings, citing to specific ISO elements, along with recommendations - no fluff

  • We will help you train your staff as internal auditors during the audit if you wish to do the internal audits yourself next time

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to find out if our Internal Auditors are right for you. To book your call, click on ISO Help Consultation. This short call is all that’s needed to help us get started in guiding you through the  ISO 14001 certification process.                         


For more information on how our team has helped other organizations just like yours build their EMS and improve their environmental performance, e-mail us to request a copy of our Statement of Qualifications.

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